Our team has a strong passion for all things music, fashion and design. Combined we have over 25 years experience in the broad entertainment sector. We recognize trends, both on the www or in the offline jungle. We use this experience to develop cutting edge concepts and smart merchandise products.

As an artist or brand, you need a tailored approach starting from your creative vision. You want to be unique and like things customized, that’s why we develop a tailored campaign based on your needs.

We are continuously on the lookout for new products or possible collaborations with brands, artists or designers to maximize your reach and community building.   

From design to production, from a marketing campaign to shipping and aftersales: we cover the full process. You’re looking for an extra oversized hoodie, customized packaging or someone to handle the sales on your event? We got your back. 

We communicate clear and transparent with you. We have the right tools to give you full insight in all numbers and figures.

We analyse customer behaviour and use this data to improve future merchandise campaigns. We believe that analytics form the basis of working better, faster and becoming a more competitive brand.